Game Economy

As we know in video games there is an economy that flows and allows it to be play to earn. Neraverse Legendary has thought about it therefore they establish the following forms in their economy:

TNL (Token Neraverse Legendary): This is the main token that contains the game called governance token, with which the coins can be acquired as main characters, Lands, buildings, complete cities, etc.

We know the importance of obtaining a governance token and therefore we trust each holder by delivering benefits within the game so that their earnings increase, in addition to a position more committed to decision-making to improve the game, it should be noted that the coins obtained with TNL They will be of the utmost importance, that is why to create a balance in the economy of our token there will be several forms of burning, one of them is the following.

First form of burning: As we know the legendaries have different characteristic abilities that they can improve, among them are:

Strength is characterized by a brown vest, resistance by orange pants, agility characterized by black gloves, and strategy by a purple belt (in the development of the game they will discover more skills) each player will have the option to increase these skills merging two legendary long-lived. The higher the fusion level, the higher the percentage of acquiring the skill and experience of both legendary. The legendary on the left will be the dominant species and the one on the right will grant his qualities to the new legendary.

Second way of burning: The lands contain a limited level, due to the constant destruction of the Donkers, each player will have the possibility to level up their land to improve production, this will be done as follows.

The owner of the Land can merge it with his legendary pieces and thus make it increase its level, therefore, it will increase its production and its profit, for this it will be necessary to have an altar.

For both mergers, both Legendary mergers and Land mergers, a percentage of 50% in TNL and the other 50% in BNB is required.

liquidity token

TEL is the token that will be used within the game for the purchase of items and the purchase of LEG, which will allow to pass all the missions that we need, in addition in this token it will deliver the daily earnings to each player, the burning of this token will be done as follows.

Within the game and as more territories taken by the Donkers are discovered, there will be events such as the “Grand PRIX” and players will be able to participate by purchasing a ticket, where the winners will obtain important prizes.

Eventual raffles will be held on festive dates, time-limited auctions will be held where legendary specials will be auctioned with unique pieces.

For Neraverse the importance of caring for nature and animals is a priority. All Devs are committed to global issues. That is why we have established a token burn (TEL), which is based on face-to-face events to help foundations that carry out the task of contributing to improve the environment and take care of animals. In this sense, events will be started to which players can participate by donating a percentage of their tokens. 25% of each donation will go to finance the tasks of said foundations, the remaining 75% will be burned and will be withdrawn from the Market.

It should be noted that in the countries where the events are held, each player will be able to participate and help carry out the Event. With this we want to bring a message of conscience to each person who is part of our Project.
We invite you to join and be part of the Legendaries who take action before these situations that affect us all !!!

In the future there will be more ways of burning.

LEG is an internal flow currency in which rewards are paid for each completed mission or race won, this will be directly interchangeable with the TEL, it is not a tradable or transferable token. A minimum LEG withdrawal will be required to exchange for TEL (coming soon).

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