Lands / Tracks

Each player will have the possibility of acquiring a lands which consists of a piece of a race track, in which it comes in its combo:

– Parts to build a veterinary clinical center with which the Legendaries will be cured and the mission will not be delayed.

– Parts for wind power plants, the kart batteries are depleted due to the scarcity of resources, that is why the power plants have a fundamental function within the game. The energy for the batteries sustains the kart engines and makes them work in the best way for the race.

– Parts of mechanical workshop, with the wear of the components of each karts, repair is needed, each race is at the limit and that makes the damages of the karts need to be restored to return to the track. These workshops will make improvements for the driving of each karts

Any of the three parts can be integrated in your land so that you can build and optimize the performance of the Legendaries, as well as the karts they drive.

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