Neraverse legendary

In Neraverse there are millions of planets where all species live in harmony.
There is a special planet among the others, that is Earth. Special and unique beings live there.
In the darkness of the Neraverse a species has mutated over millennia, growing in them an instinct for violence and fighting to conquer new planets.
The Donkers, terrifying beings who consume the most precious of the territories, to fuel their energy and become even stronger.
TNL is abundant on planet Earth, a mineral vital to life and the balance of the entire Neraverse. Knowing this, the Donkers decide to invade the planet and remove all the TNL from the center of the Earth, endangering all kinds of life in it.
We have to save the Planet and it’s time for the Legendarys. Legendary animals on the verge of extinction that are preparing to save us.
Now we must help the Legendarys and rescue all the TNL that escapes into the hands of the Donkers.
Are you ready for the mission?

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