Neraverse Support

In Neraverse a native game currency is used, which is used as an uniques pieces. That currency is called TNL “Token Neraverse Legendary” with which you can access hundreds of unlockables. Such as characters, customization designs, vehicles. In addition to important improvements, such as vehicles, tires and speed. The currency used in the TNL game can be obtained through the Neraverse game itself. You can even buy it through Nera’s stablecoin.

USDNERA (USDN) is a cryptocurrency based on a stablecoin. That is, they are tokens that can be converted into fiat currency, which reduces their volatility by being linked to an external asset. For example, as precious minerals such as gold and silver or a national currency such as the dollar.

The value of stablecoins is defined in proportion to the established asset, for that reason USDNERA (USDN) varies very little or almost nothing with respect to the currency that is linked, which in this case is the US dollar, protecting investors from the volatility. of other cryptocurrencies, it also has among its great advantages having the option to eliminate intermediaries and thus streamline processes.

Join this great adventure, full of action, excitement, speed and hours of fun, where everyone wins. In addition, Neraverse Legendary is complemented with a gameplay and story that in addition to contributing to the game. It can be used as an analogy about the importance of planet earth.

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